Institute for Family Medicine

The Kenya Association of Family Physicians (KAFP)

INFA-MED serves as the  host to Kenya Association of Family Physicians (KAFP). The Association was born in September 2001, by a group of General Practitioners mostly

but not entirely based in Nairobi.

The KAFP represents the Family Physicians and General Practitioners of Kenya and its main activity has been to organize continuing professional development in close collaboration with the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (MPDB) and the Institute for Family Medicine (INFA-MED).  The other core mandate for KAFP is to grow it’s membership and to advocate for the recognition and development of family medicine including influencing policy and resource allocation.   

In managing first-line-health-service in Kenya, KAFP has embarked on the following role:

    1.  Register all FPs and GPs and develop a GIS for location, services and catchment area
    2.  Organize continuing professional development for family medicine (FM).
    3.  Support and supervise professional ethics.
    4.  Give advice and legal assistance to FPs in liability cases.
    5.  Organize training in budget and claims management.
    6.  Assist in forming FM-provider groups for contracts with NHIF and private insurers.
    7.  Mediate between purchaser(s) and provider-groups of FM country-wide.