Institute for Family Medicine

Partnerships and Principles

Without partnership with Government, institutions of higher learning, and other professional bodies, no such undertaking could be possible.  As such INFA-MED has engaged in fruitful partnerships with the Kenya Medical Association, the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board, the Kenya Association of Family Practitioners, the Ministry of Health, Moi University Faculty of Health Sciences, the Christian Medical Fellowship of Kenya and several government and church-sponsored hospitals.    

The principles of Family Medicine are what makes such partnerships essential and possible.  Family Medicine as a specialty, has as its primary objective, the overall assessment and maintenance of the health of an individual as it is impacted by the immediate environment of family, community and nation.  Family Medicine recognizes that the health and wealth of the nation begins with the health and wealth of the families and communities.

This specialty has also been referred to as a ‘Generalist’.  However, there is now an ever increasing complexity of disease transmission, technology development, therapeutic options, information access coupled with daily world travel. Hence, the ‘Generalist’ must now have access to greater educational opportunities and means by which to regularly update his/her knowledge and skills.

Founding Organizations

      •  Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK)
      •  Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF)
      •  Doctors on Call for Service (DOCS)
      •  Medical Assistance Program (MAP) International
      •  AIC Kijabe Hospital
      •  PCEA Chogoria Hospital
      •  Tenwek Hospital

Partner Organizations: While CHAK remains a critical partner for INFA-MED not only in the hosting of the Secretariat but also in relating to member hospitals and also in facilitating engagement with government and other health professional organizations.

INFA-MED is grateful for the continued partnership and support by the following organizations;

      •  Ministry of Health
      •  Medical Practitioner and Dentist Board
      •  Moi University Faculty of Health Sciences
      •  Kenya Association of Family Physicians
      •  Kenya Medical Association
      •  West Foundation
      •  World Gospel Mission (WGM)
      •  Towriss Foundation