Institute for Family Medicine

Governance and Management Structures

INFA-MED is legally registered in Kenya as a Trust. The governance of INFA-MED is well articulated in it's Trust Deed, Bylaws and Management Policy documents. The key Governance structures include the Board of Trustees, the Management Committee (Board) and the Secretariat.   

INFA-MED’s Board of Trustees is the top authority responsible for governance and fiscal accountability of the organization.  The Board is comprised of experts in medicine, law, finance, education, management, and religion.  Policy decisions and fiscal matters overseen by the Board of Trustees are based on Management Committee reports and recommendations on programs, policy, and organizational development. The roles, responsibilities and obligations of the Trustees, Management Committee and Executive Director are defined in the Trust Deed and By-Laws.

The Management Committee is appointed by the Board of Trustees to provide oversight to the secretariat in the implementation of the organization’s strategic goals.  By-Laws govern the scope of responsibility and authority of the Management Committee. The responsibilities include;

    • Propose policy and program development
    • Ensure proper project management and performance
    • Review and approve budget and monitor budget performance
    • Develop and implement fund-raising strategies
    • Supervise and support advocacy and lobbying activities
    • Prepare periodic reports for the Board of Trustees

The Secretariat: This consists of the offices of the Director and the  Administrative Officer.  This team works with INFA-MED members and strategic partners to ensure that the organizational goals and objectives are achieved. The Secretariat office is hosted by CHAK in Nairobi.