Institute for Family Medicine

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) Course

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics is a program of the Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). It was first introduced in Kenya in September 2003 by a group of family physicians from USA to the Family Medicine Registrars in Kenya at the AIC Kijabe Hospital under the auspices of Institute of Family Medicine (INFA-MED).  The Institute of Family Medicine (INFA-MED) is the only licensed agent in Kenya by AAFP of USA to run the program.  

Also course is accredited and used in several other countries around the globe namely; Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Guatemala, Hong Kong, China, Malawi, Nigeria, Palestine, UK, Scandinavia, Greenland, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia,  UAE and USA among others.  The curriculum has been revised and customized to add relevance to the developing countries and we have obtained the latest edition of March 2012. As at September 2012 INFA-MED had conducted 26 training sessions with a total of 648 health workers in Kenya and 4 training sessions in Kigali, Rwanda and 2 in South-West Region (Mutengene), Cameroon.

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics is a practical evidence based two-day interactive program designed to equip maternity health workers with skills and knowledge that are required in handling obstetric emergencies.  There is a two-day Provider Course for all maternity care providers including physicians, midwives and registered nurses and other clinicians.  The mnemonics and mega-delivery work stations with mannequins make the program unique in skills building.  The program utilises the widely acclaimed humanistic training approach which involves the use of modules to ensure skills acquisition before a participant goes to the patient.

The ALSO Instructor Course is a one-day course that focuses on specific teaching skills required for adult principals. The course lends itself well to a teach-the-teacher model, whereby students are trained to become future instructors.

Some of the key areas

covered include:-

* First Trimester Complications

* Medical Complications of Pregnancy

* Vaginal Bleeding in Late Pregnancy

* Intrapartum Fetal Surveillance

* Labour Dystocia

* Malpresentations

* Shoulder Dystocia

* Post-partum Haemorrhage

* Forceps & Vacuum delivery

* Neonatal Resuscitation

* Repair of Perineal Laceration    

* Maternal Resuscitation

* Cesarean Section

* Pre-term Labour & Premature Rapture of Membranes

The procedures and approaches covered in the ALSO course are reasonable, consistent and evidence-based and enable everyone to not only identify those at risk of obstetric emergencies but also to manage them when they arise. Participant evaluation at the end of the course includes a Written Exam and Skills Assessment (practical) Examination. Those who pass the assessment are awarded with a certificate from the Institute of Family Medicine (INFA-MED) which is authorized by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).