Institute for Family Medicine


Development of the Family Medicine Curriculum at Moi University INFA-MED supported and worked together with Moi University Faculty of Health Sciences to develop a curriculum for Family Medicine. Moi University was to grant the degree of Masters in Family Medicine to qualified candidates upon completion of a three year course of studies at its Medical School Campus and affiliated teaching hospitals most of which were  CHAK affiliated hospitals.   

Commencement of the Masters in Family Medicine in Kenya

After years of planning and negotiations between INFA-MED and Moi University the post-graduate training program on Masters of Medicine in Family Medicine (M. Med – Fam. Health) commenced on  January 10, 2005.    

The university also established a Division of Family Health within the Faculty of Health Sciences.  

The training is provided in collaboration with church hospitals namely Tenwek, Friends Lugulu and AIC Kijabe and at Webuye District Hospital - which is a government hospital.

As at September 2012, fifteen (15) Family Medicine physicians have graduated from the program and deployed to work in various hospitals in Kenya. Another 15 registrars were still undertaking the course. 

With other higher learning institutions coming on board to offer family medicine course, we are foreseeing expansion of training opportunities at other government and church-affiliated sites.

Scholarships: INFA-MED has tried to encourage and support family medicine training by providing scholarships to deserving students. As of 2012 six registrars had been provided scholarships  and of these, 3 had graduated while the rest were still undertaking the program. Besides tuition fees, the institute has also offered support  to the registrars towards their research projects.

Health Information Support

In order to assist Family Medicine registrars and their mentors in their life-long learning, arrangements were made with Satellife (Boston, USA) for donations of Palm 505 hand-held devices with clinical and medicines information resources.  This donation was received from Family Doctors in Rochester, New York.

Development of the Family Medicine at University of Nairobi Medical School INFA-MED has offered support to the University of Nairobi, School of Medicine in the process of developing a curriculum for family medicine. It is anticipated that once  the curriculum goes through the approval process of the University training would be rolled out in collaboration with both Government and Faith Based sites.

Development of the Family Medicine Curriculum at Kabarak University.

INFA-MED, Tenwek hospital, AIC Kijabe hospital, PCEA Chogoria and CHAK have embarked on a new partnership with Kabarak University towards development of a Family Medicine program.  A team was established from the organizations to lead the process of stakeholder engagement and curriculum development. This would be the first nonpublic university to start a Family Medicine post graduate program in Kenya. This is expected to facilitate expansion of the teaching sites to many more Church Hospitals.