Institute for Family Medicine


INFA-MED envisions a world where, through development and support of family medicine, every person in their community has access to compassionate health care that exemplifies the healing power of Christ.


INFA-MED is committed to advancing family medicine in the developing world by training and mentoring doctors to be clinicians, teachers, leaders, and life-long learners, who will provide comprehensive health care relevant to community needs.

Core Values

The core values that guide INFA-MED activities and programs are as follows:

  • Christian witness
  • Love of God and neighbor in our words and deeds
  • Belief in family medicine and humility in service
  • Commitment to excellence in our work
  • Advocacy for the marginalized and underserved
  • Commitment to strategic partnerships through accountability of our leadership
  • Moral and ethical integrity
  • Culture of life-long learning